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The Basics


The short answer? It's just another piece of the performance and wellness puzzle. Each athlete has a certain physical ability. An athlete's mental performance can impact their capacity to use the entirety of their ability. By learning mental skills and strategies, athletes can enhance and optimize their performance and well-being.

Wheelchair Athlete
Athletic Woman With Kettlebells


Athletes can work with strength coaches to get physically stronger and athletic therapists to work through physical obstacles. Similarly, athletes can work with mental performance coaches to get mentally stronger and work through mental obstacles. Whether you think sports are 10% mental or 90% mental, improving your mental performance can help you gain a competitive edge.

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Athletes: If any of the following statements sound relatable, it's worth looking into.
Coaches: If any of the following sounds like your athletes, it's worth looking into.

"I just know I can be better."

"I come in clutch in big games, but don't play as well in low-stakes games."

"I'm struggling with confidence."

"I perform better in practices than I do in games."

"I have a tendency to have slumps and hot streaks. I want to perform more consistently."

"I have a hard time bouncing back after making mistakes."

"There's stuff going on outside of sports that I think about while I'm playing."

"I'm lacking motivation. Sometimes, I'm not even sure why I still play."

"I have a hard time keeping my emotions in check during games."

"I don't get along with my coaches and/or teammates."

"I get distracted easily during games."

"I've been physically cleared, but I don't know if I'm mentally ready to return from injury."

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